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Apocalypse Doula

exploring the borderlands between creator and creation



This project, hosted on Instagram, plays with form, genre, and selfie culture. By asserting the idiosyncratic subjective experience of the artist and scholar in the creation of their "products," Petra Salazar firmly rejects the legacy of New Criticism that haunts contemporary academic criticism—a criticism that often attempts to purify textual analysis of the messiness and straight up awkwardness of the author's life, limitations, biases, and creative process. This intolerance of complexity and uncertainty creates a puritanical romantic ideal that becomes weaponized

 #cancelculture #purityculture


Apocalypse Doula appropriates the traditional use of social media as a digital repository of thoughts and images for posterity and pushes the medium in an attempt to provoke curiosity about self-reflection, trauma, inheritance, authenticity, identity performance, guerrilla publishing, the undercommons, and alternative learning communities.


Apocalypse Doula is an autohistoria-teoría, a zine, a corrido, a romcom...

a pedagogy delighting in process...not product.

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