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Philopoetics is committed to providing an accessible respite from cultures of competition and scarcity. Come fill your bucket at this community wellspring!
Influenced by Indohispano theories of the borderlands, Petra Salazar, a poet and educator, conceived of Philopoetics as a location between the traditional academic boundaries of philosophy and poetry. These are fruitful borderlands Petra has long explored in their marriage to the philosopher Francisco Gallegos.

Philopoetics facilitates community groups and courses, which bring together contemporary philosophers, scholars, and poets, to create accessible learning communities. One-on-one consultations also available.

Philopoetics is situated within the lineage of radical study, which resists the norms and power structures of conventional academia and is grounded in collaboration, mutual aid, and a kind of collective intellectual practice that is not bound by institutional agendas. Alternative learning communities such as these de-center elitist attitudes towards knowledge sharing and work to increase public access to continuing education

and meaningful conversation.

Part philosophy class, part poetry workshop, these Zoom courses allow participants to go deep into philosophy and poetry texts with contemporary philosophers and poets.



Philopoetics hosts in-person and Zoom meet ups that provide supportive learning communities and creative communities.



Philopoetics offers writing coaching and editing services that cultivate creative agency and accountability.



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